Does Revival really work?

Yes! Although many other products make false claims, ours genuinely does work. We have been using the product for years and it has been extremely effective for us and now we are happy we can share this with you.


How does it work?

Our formula has been specially designed to simultaneously re-hydrate and deliver essential vitamins that are lost during drinking and exercise. 


How do you take Revival?

The sachet tears at the top and the powder contents should be mixed with 500ml of still water. For best results we recommend taking one sachet immediately after drinking (before bed) and one when you wake up.


What is in Revival?

Revival is a unique blend of electrolytes and vitamins combined perfectly to create a product that truly delivers.  


Is Revival Safe?

Our formulation has been made to comply with EU regulations and is extremely safe. Please always follow instructions and do not exceed 4 sachets in any 24-hour period.



Sodium, Potassium, Dextrose, Tri Sodium Citrate, Vit C,B1,B3,B5 & Folic Acid


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