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"10/10 Game changer! The perfect product for my active lifestyle. Just mix with water, drink & wake up feeling great!"

Aaron Mills - DJ / Ex Pro Athlete 

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Wake Up Energy Drink - Seize the Night and Save your Day with our Healthy Drink

Wake up fresh with our healthy hydrating energy drink

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Sports hydration has been reinvented, the powder is perfect for all types of athletes. A must buy! 

Arron C

I actually had 3 shots of those last night. I had one before starting to drink, one before I got to bed and one when I woke up.

I think one thing that it reassured me in is that my body is getting the right hydration after a heavy night also there is no headache present so it helped with that.

Nicol Dziedzic

I have food poisoning, and urgently needed rehydration to add to the water I have been drinking as much as I can. While this is not the usual reason for buying this drink the WHO recommend this sort of thing for diarrhoea. I have type 2 diabetes and found many were just really a Sugar hit! This one seems different it does not rely on sugars as much, and having taken 2 so far think it makes a difference. If it doe when I have returned to health will keep some in for when I have been cycling or exercising too much-I am 62

Colin Gibson

I've never used one of these before and was a bit sceptical, but OMG they literally are a hangover cure, I went out and drank a lot, but felt fully rehydrated the next day and ready to sieze the day! It must be all the electrolytes that make you feel great again! Highly recommend and will be telling all my friends to buy too! 5 star product, if you don't want to have a hangover again,get yourself one of these!

Jonny Blake

I can't deny that I still like parties. I can't deny that sometimes I enjoy the night so much that next day I feel not at my best.
We all know that hangover is mainly due to poor hydration, so after reading the reviews, I decide to buy these products and give it a try. They help A LOT and they taste good too! Definitely recommended!!!

Amazon Customer

Was inspired to purchase after seeing these featured on BBC's The Apprentice. Actually very impressed with the results. I used them during a very busy pre-Christmas weekend, with 3 consecutive parties! Genuinely felt no ill effects from my alcohol consumption. Have used rehydration products in the past but these do seem to be the best I've tried. Would certainly recommend and purchase again myself. The cherry flavour does taste more blackcurrant to me, but not unpleasant.

Suzie Mac

Perfect start to the day, wake up, drink and feel the hydration and energy hit! The ultimate morning recovery.

Ross W

The best healthy recovery drink online!! I buy these before all big nights out and holidays

Chloe g

Tastes good too


Electrolyte rehydration powders have many benefits and used  by millions of people world wide. The underlying composition of such drinks is the water, sugar, and salt that replenish electrolytes and fluid loss that occur in the body.

The uptake and absorption of water and vitamins is increased which leads to superior hydration.

This develops an efficient balance of the essential ingredients required in the body, so it is perfect for after working out of after drinking alcohol.

At Revival Shots we have developed an easy to use wake up energy drink that combats the effects of dehydration So if you are looking for a morning energy drink or healthy recovery drink online, then choose from our store & experience the difference!

Take our healthy recovery drink before you sleep & say goodbye to groggy mornings. This healthy recovery drink is available in packs of 6, 12 and 24