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Looking for a fast and effective way to prevent dehydration? Look no further than our award-winning range of electrolyte rehydration powders! Designed for rapid-action hydration, our single-serve sachets are the UK's most popular and highly-rated option.

With our premium electrolyte drink, you can enjoy fast, easy hydration with just a few simple steps. Simply pour, mix, and drink to feel the benefits of our superior hydration formula. Trust us - when it comes to hydration, nothing works faster!

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Rapid Rehydration Powder

Rapid Rehydration Powder

Award wining rehydration sachets

Revival products have been developed by leading doctors and nutritionalists. Our formulation has been engineered with scientific research to create a hydration powder that delivers on our promise of rapid rehydration.

Our range of hydration powders have been designed to out perform traditional electrolyte drinks and hydration supplements. Our formulation contains 3 x the electrolytes of conventional supplements plus 5 essential vitamins. In addition our format provides up to 68% higher levels of absorption and 14 x faster assimilation. Our range is:

- 100% Vegan

- GMO Free

- Great Taste

- Easy Mix

- Fast Acting

- No Added Sugar

- Environmental Friendly

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